MEDCO advises our customers and manages the purchasing of materials, making sure safe stock levels are maintained so production is not interrupted. When necessary MEDCO will work with customers to develop Bills of Materials (BOM) and help to select the best and most competitively priced components based on our experience and market knowledge.

• Global Sourcing Network
• Strong relationships with major distributors
• Purchases only from authorized franchised distributors and OEM’s
• End-of-life (EOL) Component Management.


MEDCO offers Consigned Materials Management to give our customers a fast turn-around, saving on expedited freight costs and ensuring customer specifications are always met.


Experienced materials management and purchasing staff can quickly source all of the parts you require for your assemblies. If you prefer to build in-house but want your materials to be procured by MEDCO, our team can purchase and organize your components into kits to be shipped.


MEDCO has skilled individuals that can provide full turnkey materials management. We will see your product through from sourcing through every necessary step including purchasing materials, managing the supply chain, final test and integration, and shipping your final product directly to your facility.